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How a Man Can Dress Well Without Overdoing It

It is a well acknowledged fact that the majority of men don’t know how to dress. They either dress according to what their friends are wearing or by replicating the dress wear in magazines. Then there is the other extreme, where men overdress by wearing extravagant brands. It is relatively easy to dress, without overdoing it and requires far less money than you may think. By following a few effortless stylish methods, you will be looking trendy in no time.

Making the Most of Your Body Type

It’s acknowledged that the more fit you are, the better your clothing will look on you. If you are overweight, try slimming down a little. If you are underweight, try building some muscle. It is not always straightforward, but it can be done through a good workout schedule and make sure you are eating balanced meals. By remaining in top shape, you give yourself a great advantage. Once you are satisfied, you can start looking at getting rid of those unwanted clothes.

Eliminating Unnecessary Clothing

This is where you want to get rid of all those unwanted and unnecessary fashion items. There are many trends which have stood the test of time, which merely have become impracticable in today’s fashion.

  • Running shoes or flip flops. Many people tend to where these on a daily basis. There is a time and place for these to be worn, such as jogging or visiting the beach. Wear them for the environments they were intended for.
  • T-shirts with bold or cartoon graphics. These types of tees are mainly intended for kids or teens.
  • White socks. Many men still wear white socks with almost every single outfit. White socks are fine when exercising, but try matching your socks to the color of your pants.

These are just some examples and there are several more. To dress well, you must keep away from wearing shabby or distracting clothing. The best way is to give all unnecessary clothing away or only utilize it for the activities it was intended for. After that, you will need to restructure your wardrobe.

Reconstructing Your Wardrobe

You will need to restructure a whole new wardrobe for yourself. Following are a few tips that will have you looking stylish in minutes, without overdoing it:

  • Choose items that are adaptable – solid/checked or striped shirts are in fashion with solid pants or dark blue denim jeans, v-neck shirts, blazers and two button suits. If you are unsure about which color suits you, stick with grays, blues and browns
  • Buying stylish looking shoes. Invest in shoes with more of a rounded finish and try getting shoes with leather soles. Most importantly is to always keep your shoes in immaculate condition.
  • Selecting the right accessories. To finish off your attire; a stylish watch and sunglasses always does the trick. Choose a watch that looks subtle with some gold or silver finish. When it comes to sunglasses, select according to your face shape.

Making Sure Your Clothes Fit

You may have found stylish clothes that make you look good, but if they don’t fit then it is pointless. If necessary, have your clothes tailored so they fit you perfectly. Shirts should not be puffy near the waist and suits should fit your body perfectly. Also important is that pants should not be baggy. Try a slim fitting jean or pants.

Since you know now what items compliment you; start introducing some of your own fashion ideas and ways you can modify your own style. Start looking for individual items that you know would work great in your wardrobe.

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5 Great Examples of Minimalist Artwork

Minimalist art is achieved by reducing a design to merely the most necessary essentials. It’s about stripping things down to the basic fundamentals required for a design to have purpose. The main purpose is to remove certain elements, without interfering with the actual function of the artwork. We will take a look at 5 examples of some of the best minimalist artworks, which are preserved in some of the world’s top art galleries.

Die Fahne Hoch! (The Banner High) by Frank Stella

Frank Stella is an American artist, born in 1936. He is famous for his black paintings, which he produced just after he graduated from Princeton. His most famous artwork was the Die Fahne Hoch, translated as The Banner High, named after a Nazi marching song. Stella gave the piece a provocative title, directly referring to Nazism.

Die Fahne Hoch was completed in 1959. The artwork contains a mixture of geometric systems and this piece is regarded as the pioneer of minimalism. The piece includes equivalent sides and edges on canvas, using various symmetries consisting of black enamel paint.

Composition no. 10 – Pier and Ocean by Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian was confined to Netherlands, unable to return to his family France, because of the war. It was during this time that he completed most of his artwork. He completed one of his most famous works with the chosen theme Pier and Ocean. His work referred to the motion of the waves breaking against the structure built into the sea. He did it from an aerial view, as he first did the artwork while sitting on the sand dunes.

Many of his paintings contained the fundamental elements of an interlocking framework of black lines and blocks consisting of the three primary colors. Although he made use of a few elements, he changed the structure of each of the elements in such a manner that he was able to produce a different artistic work from each.

Box with the Sound of its Own Making by Robert Morris

Robert Morris is an American sculptor and writer. He is known as one of the most well-known artists of Minimalism. He has also made significant contributions to the growth of performance art.

His most renowned work was a box and speaker, which played a three hour tape resembling the sounds of the box being made. Robert’s insight behind it was as if the box was retelling the story of its own creation. He wanted people to identify with the construction of the artwork, highlighting the process; not just the final outcome.

The Seasons by Brice Marden

Brice Marden, born in 1938, is an American artist, described as a Minimalist. He lives in New York and is represented by the Matthew Marks Gallery. He received his bachelor’s degree in 1961at Boston University of Fine and Applied Arts and went to Yale University School of Art and Architecture in 1963.

His most well-known artwork is The Seasons, which consisted of four panels on a canvas. The progression starts with a warmth of yellow-green that transmits the light of early spring, and progresses with an opaque forest green. Autumn is a soft hazy grey and winter a panel of pure black, the lack of brightness.

Franklin’s Footpath by Gene Davis

Gene Davis, born in 1920, was an American painter notorious for his paintings of vertical stripes of color. He was born in Washington DC in 1920, and spent nearly his whole life there. Before he began to paint in 1949, he worked as a sportswriter.

In 1972 Davis produced ‘Franklin’s Footpath, which was at the time the world’s biggest artwork, by painting colorful stripes on the street in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Minimalist artwork is about using the natural beauty of patterns and symmetries. Color brightness balance and contrast linking surface colors can improve visual aesthetics when producing minimalistic artwork. Minimalist artwork may be simple, but each piece has its own story to tell.

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web design

Why You Need to Use a Simple, Minimalistic Theme for WordPress

When it comes to a WordPress theme, less is more. WordPress themes can make your content and images stand out. One may characterize a minimalistic theme design as a style that emphasizes simplicity without unwanted design elements. The focus is on content. A minimalist theme will convert your blog into a grand looking site that will draw people. Consider the following reasons of how a minimalistic theme can benefit you.

A Minimalistic WordPress Theme Favorable for Mobile Users

It is no secret that millions of people use their cell phones, tablets and other similar devices to browse the internet and read blogs. As we know, these devices have smaller screens than PC’s and laptops. Having a simple and minimalistic theme design will enable more users to view your blogs with a user friendly interface.

Minimalist WordPress themes help you form sites which work well on all smaller devices and they do it in a way that doesn’t make your site look awful. If you want to target mobile users to read your blog, apply a minimalist WordPress theme.

A Minimalistic WordPress Theme More Efficient and Faster

Themes that are overstuffed have the ability to make your blog slower. Using a Minimalistic WordPress theme enables readers to have a faster browsing experience, especially those who don’t have a fast internet connection.

Having a minimalistic theme will help you get rid of all the unnecessary bits and pieces that aren’t needed. Take into consideration what a benefit that can be especially if you have a well established blog with thousands of monthly viewers. Getting rid of all that unwanted stuff will streamline the experience. You should also consider that if your pages load slowly, people may consider leaving your blog.

A Minimalistic WordPress Theme for Improved Usage

People want simple products that are easy to use. Applying a Minimalistic WordPress theme will streamline your blog, which will ultimately increase the number of people visiting your blog. Making use of simple themes offer people with uncluttered information; this keeps the significant information as the central point.

Majority who experiment realize that visitors are likely to stay longer using the minimalist WordPress theme. They’re also more likely to click links on your sites to extra articles. If your income is reliant on ad clicks, then you want to do everything feasible to keep your visitors on your site.

Minimalistic WordPress Themes Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Ask yourself, would you visit a blog that is packed with unnecessary information?

Majority of people prefer designs that are simpler and contain useful information. Having a minimalist theme design is also a lot less complicated to maintain. Remember, you want to ensure that the focus is on your content and not on the actual design. You can utilize several minimalist WordPress themes and have them operational in minutes; you can use their natural attractiveness to impress visitors.

Apply one of the minimalist WordPress themes on your site and conduct research to find out whether people prefer the minimalist design or a more complex one. Odds are most people will prefer the uncluttered and simple design. Try the minimalist theme today; you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

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The Minimalist, Zen Way

The Minimalist, Zen Way of Catching Fish

In the modern world that we live in, many people are interested in the new designs of furniture and other things at home. As a result, they end up buying things that they do not really need. Some even end up filling their garage or basement with things that they just purchased, but because of new ones, have to let go of the outdated ones.

On the other hand, there are some who stayed on the safe side. They made sure that they keep a minimalistic point of view. In doing so, some decide to purchase things that they consider useful at a certain period of time. Then, when the time comes that they feel the need to replace the ones that have already outgrown, they simply sell the old ones, and use the money earned to purchase new ones. This is often the smarter way to deal with things.

What is Minimalism?

The adage which says that less is more is now being applied to almost everything. When it comes to home design and personal living, this saying has never been truer than it is. Take a minimalist house, for instance, we do not only look at the design itself, being minimalistic. We also take into consideration everything that goes inside the house, as well as the type of lifestyle being lived by the ones living in it.

Minimalism introduces dynamism on design. It lives with the goal of enhancing efficiency as it emphasizes the use of certain designs. It also covers aspects such as land use and budget. Then, when the physical house has already been built, the design comes into picture. Many people prefer the minimalist style of designing things. It is often simple, yet artistic. Overall, when it is properly implemented, it gives a specific touch of elegance to it.

How to Catch Fish Like a Zen Monk

The minimalist fisher only carries the most effective items needed.

The harder part of having a minimalist point of view is deciding on which things have to be cut out and which things will stay. Some people find it helpful to make a list on the things that they consider their priorities in life, ranking them on their importance. A colleague has his eyes on fishing, and since he has already invested his time and money on purchasing fishing equipment, he decided to put his equipment on top of his list of things that needs to stay.

In the end, the most effective item is the fish finder. If you read more on fishing equipment, you can see how quickly and simply this can catch you a fish. No extra shenanigans needed. Just find your fish exactly where they swim.

Read up on fish finder reviews and otherfishing equipment to make sure you buy the right one, because you’re only trying to bring one of these items!

Remember, purchase when the need comes. He pointed out that in order to keep a minimalistic point of view, one should never purchase things out of compulsion; rather, only buy things when needed. This attitude has allowed him to sell the things that he no longer needs, and only buy things according to the situation.

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Tips on How to Maintain a Clutter Free Life

Extravagance has become old school for many who have matured enough and realized the charm of simplicity and minimalism. It’s like setting free from a bag full of worrisome clutter that weighs you down and stops from exploring the great things that are unseen. Too much for supporting minimalism, but once actual practise in this genre takes place all these foundation laid in the introduction would definitely start making sense. In order to enjoy life in the scarce resources that are available to mankind, one of which is time as well in managing a clutter free life is outright one of the most important things. Here are a few tips that would help in de-cluttering and will also emphasize on the importance of the process.

1) Toss Out Anything You Haven’t Used in Months

The golden falcon that is as heavy as rock but was bought by your grandfather 20 years ago from the Middle East or the thick dust accumulated cheetah skin that has been hanging on the wall for quite some years now, need to go. Yes- as plain as it sounds, such collectibles or show pieces do not have much functionality in everyday life, they simply serve the purpose of cluttering and re-setting the basic theme of life that is to make the most of the moment with human beings rather than building a museum to show off to guests who visit. Pack everything up and store it away.

Why Do This?

  • It will leave the home looking more spacious.
  • When you will be in the worst of moods, there will be lesser things coming in your way and irritating you.
  • The feeling of ‘I’ and ‘My possessions’ would slowly go away leaving a more humble and down to earth human being.

2) Keep Only the Essential Clothes

Although women have been accused for the crime of over-indulging for centuries but these days many men have broken the stereotype too and been found guilty of over-indulgence. Be it the luxurious leather jacket, belt or shoes collection or the golf gear that is shiny and laid out in a variety of kits and designs. Be it either of the gender, be reasonable with the stuff owned and only harbor so much that can be used worth the dollars spent on it. Too many crucial dilemmas are present in the world that need attention rather than the latest brand who launched the most expensive designer bag of the season. Or, separate boots for each outdoor activity, there are several kinds of boots that can be purchased that prove to be multi-purpose and long lasting saving up money and space, ideas for boots can be taken from here.

Why Do This?

  • Better use of restrictive finances.
  • A more self satisfied internal feeling that leads to believing the best of resources has been made.
  • Multipurpose use of material possessions would lead to more charity and lesser cobwebs on unused stuff.
  • Idea shuffling may lead to better setting up of materials and a minimalist approach would lead to enlightenment.
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